/// Vintage Camera Love ///

As Eminem so gracefully put it, "I'm cleanin' out my closet," and have decided my super-awesome vintage camera collection needs to be thinned out a bit. So alas, many of these beauties are officially for sale on Etsy with many more to come. I hate to see 'em go but I'm hoping they find loving homes in the hands of those who want to be inspired (or that they just make that shelf in someone's house look a lot cooler!).

Check 'em out here!




When I was a teenager, I told my mom that I hated yellow gold. "Your tastes will change someday," she would say, and I would sneer and tell her she was crazy. Well mom, as always, you were right. I'm in love with it this season and find myself checking to see if everything I want comes in gold! These lovelies are definitely on my wish list!



Chai Tea Coffee

I've been having a love affair with my french press lately. There's just something kinda awesome about pouring in the water and watching the tea or coffee swirl around and brew. And don't even get me started on how much I love pressing down the grounds or leaves {yeah… I know that's pretty weird}. The other day I was craving coffee but realized I had run out of milk (which is a must if I'm having coffee). Dilemma? Nope! I thought, why not just brew my favorite tea with a bit of coffee too! I've had a "dirty chai" before and they're not half bad. 

OMG this concoction was soooooo good!

Just mix 1 heaping scoop of White Ayurvedic Chai with 1 scoop of your favorite coffee. Add water and strain (or get that everlasting enjoyment out of pressing that french press like I do!). Add sugar to taste and enjoy! Give it a try!



::: tiny pieces of sunshine :::

The amazing Crystal of Crystal Cartier Photography captured my love and I in the sunshine the other day. I love photographs composed of pieces that cause you to focus on the little things and appreciate them even more than you did before. She's awesome and I always have fun with her when she makes me stand (or dance or be goofy) in front of her camera. Check back soon for the yummy second half of that day in the sun.