October 20, 2016

{the coolest} School Lunch

You don't have to be in class to get your daily balanced goodies from Petite Insanities! Remember school lunches? There was always that favorite day of the week when they served the yummiest meal, right?! (and that day they served the worst!)

Get your yummy goodies HERE!

xx Sécia

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October 16, 2016


As our lapel pins roll out the door on consignment and in local shops, we've decided to officially change our Instagram user name to @petiteinsanities! After all, branding is important, right?! You'll still see all the same fun stuff and if you don't already follow, please do so you can stay updated on new products, fun recipes and DIYs.

xx Sécia

F O L L O W   U S   O N   I N S T A G R A M   ::    @petiteinsanities
F O L L O W   U S   O N   B L O G L O V I N’   ::   Petite Insanities

October 11, 2016

DIY // Gift Basket for Someone Special

I really wanted to do something fun and sweet for my bestie and what better than a box of things she loves created by you?! Not to mention it's tons of fun finding little things that you know will make her smile and then putting them all together in a cute crate or basket.
It all started with a super inspirational book that I just couldn't put down and I really wanted to pass it along to her and it just expanded into a basket of goodies to brighten her day. If you haven't read The Year of Cozy by Adrianna Adarme and are in need of an inspirational pick-me-up then this book is a must! I feel like she's my own personal cheerleader, who I've never met, pushing me to be a better version of myself. LOVE her!
Now for the rest of the goodies. I like to stick to a few simple rules but really, anything you put in there is gonna be awesome because it came from you!

1. Start building the box with the largest items in the back and work your way forward with the medium pieces and then save the smallest for last to fill the little voids.

2. As you work your way to the smaller items, build up the bottom of the box with tissue paper or hay. You want to be able to see everything and the small stuff can sometimes fall to the bottom and get lost if you don't build them up a bit.

3. Try to avoid leaving any empty spaces. You want your box to look full and not skimpy. Sometimes that means you might have to think of a couple more goodies to add at the last minute but that's cool because there will be more fun stuff for her to enjoy.
The best part after all of your hard work is the payoff: the smile on her face when she sifts through everything, noticing all the details and personal touches you added. Happy box building! I'd love to see pics of your creations and the different themes and ideas you come up with!

xx Sécia
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October 03, 2016

DIY // White and Gold Pumpkins

October is finally here and the Halloween decorating is in full swing! We decided to class it up this year with some super chic white and gold pumpkins for a more modern flair. This super easy DIY literally took me half a day with dry time! They turned out so awesome that I almost want to keep them out year round (but I won't because that would just be ridiculous... wouldn't it?...)!
What you need:
plastic pumpkins (you can find some at Target or Home Depot)
1 can each of white, gold and clear gloss spray paint
painter's tape
cardboard (or alternative painting surface)
felt feet (optional)

What to do:
1. Clean pumpkins with a dry cloth and remove all stickers, tags and light bulbs or cords.

2. In a properly ventilated area, spray two coats of gold on the stems of the pumpkins with at least 20 minutes of dry time between coats.

3. When gold paint is dry enough, tape off the stem for the white coat. Make sure all of the gold is covered so you don't get any overspray.

4. Spray three coats of white on the pumpkins with at least 20 minutes of dry time between coats. You'll need to lay them on their side for one of the coats to make sure the bottom and all of the curves get proper coverage.

5. When the white paint is dry, remove the tape and spray the entire pumpkins with a coat of clear gloss paint to help the paint evenly set.

6. OPTIONAL: When the pumpkins are completely dry, evenly distribute and stick the felt feet on the bottom so they don't scratch any surfaces they sit on or get paint on anything.
That's it! So easy, right?! Obviously, the color possibilities are endless. Enjoy your fresh and chic pumpkins and let me know how you like the DIY or what colors you decide to try!

xx Sécia
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