April 04, 2011

Attack of the Dining Room

Room painted... check.
Now for the fun part... making it "us".

This is the dining area BEFORE.
The appraiser took this picture (he was really tall).
It's clean but drab.

Here are some additions to the room on their way to their new home.

A little flare to the wall creates a cool focal point.
Ben likes the turquoise but I'm thinking a more subtle white.
The walls are gray so either will look fabulous.
Only $40 from byrdiegraphics.

To display our vintage camera collection and other things.
At Pottery Barn for $129.
Be prepared to pay major shipping and tax but I think it's worth it.

I love this sideboard to store my linens & our special wines.
It'll make a perfect buffet for our brunches too.
We'll be picking this bad boy up from Living Spaces this week.
Only $430!

I'll post AFTER pics hopefully by this weekend when it's all finished.



  1. That wall decal will look in white I think!

    and love that last picture

  2. Fun looking stuff! They should make for a great dining room:)

  3. Thanks, ladies! I love the feedback. :)


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