April 12, 2011

something i've wanted for awhile.

it's time to reward my hard work with something special. and trust me, i've been working really hard this last year. 

it helps that this is actually FOR work so i don't feel as bad for buying it. i've been admiring this messenger bag from afar for a long time and after many disappointing bag choices it was hard to finally take the plunge for this one. i needed something that i could travel with that carried both my laptop and my personal belongings. that way i'm not stuck with a bag and a purse, but both of them in one. but what really sold me was all of the pockets. this guy has 10 pockets in addition to the laptop compartment and anyone who knows me knows that i'm a sucker for storage and a double sucker for organization. this seems like the perfect fit for me.

and what bag is complete without a little pouch to store my tiny necessities? so i had to get this little guy too.
you can find them both at Stash etsy shop in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. i have my eye on one of those padded camera bags too. my old nikon would look nice and cozy in one of those bad boys. next time.


  1. Your bags are on their way, hope they arrive soon:) Thanks, Secia!

  2. love, love, love messenger bags and this one is great! you are so going to love it!!


  3. Thanks, stash! Can't wait! <3, Joan. :)

  4. following :) i love the little pouch!


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