May 02, 2011

[kill the zombies]

I walked into my office this morning to find...
...ZOMBIE SHOOTING GALLERY & The Zombie Autopsies!

Jenny, my work buddy and the sweetest girl ever, surprised me with the best gift ever. It's battery operated and comes complete with a laser gun! Gotta get my practice on for when the real zombie apocalypse comes. It's taking everything within my power to keep the book nerd in me from reading The Zombie Autopsies right freakin' now! But I must get back to work as all good things are worth waiting for. I ♥ you, Jenny.


  1. My bf would love this!! The waking dead or walking the dead.. That tv series with Andrew Lincoln has just been released in the uk about 3 weeks ago and we are addicted!

  2. Lol! This is awesome and I have never heard of that book! I was reading up on it and it looks crazy but interesting

  3. hah, my husband would pretty much love this! he already has that zombie book, but i'm not sure if I should encourage him or not. maybe i will for kicks and giggles :)

  4. how funny! have you read the zombie version of Pride and Prejudice? Heard it's good...

  5. this sounds like a whole lotta zombie killing funness! your friend is a sweetie!



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