May 24, 2011

to Pin or Not to Pin

As an avid reader out in blogland, I find that I am always downloading and bookmarking my favorite photos and DIYs. My once organized desktop looks like a dumping ground for lovely but annoying everythings.

So as a means to an end, I've just joined pinterest thanks to a fabulous and convincing post by Lauren and an invite from my buddy, Andrea.

I have YET to pin a single thing! I guess you could call it a fear of pinning for fear of yet more disorganization. The last thing I need in my life is more disorganization. My job, my life, my sanity requires that things be in their proper place in this world.

It all started with the puppy. Then came the new house. Then came the day job at an unusual pace (as in a lack of time off when there usually was some).

So, to pin or not to pin is the question. Everyday I see so many things that make me swoon but are they truly pin-worthy? Probably. I'm quite neurotic at times so my non-pinning fear will most likely turn into a pin everything into every possible category obsession.

Tell me, what's pin-worthy to you?


P.S. We ♥ it was always a fun and easy way to express myself.


  1. I'm in love! Find me "Angel Perry" so I can find you :)

  2. ha i literally JUST joined today too! I havent pinned anything yet though... i just stare at everyone else's haha!

  3. I love Pinterest. It's much more organized and with so many projects I have, it's a great way to keep a visual scrapbook. Also, we heart it has no credibility from what I know of it, and I love the integrity of pinterest. i'm at"ourcitylights". join!

  4. i love/may-be-obsessed with Pintrest, I am a newbie and have found so so so many inspiring images on there. It's worth joining, trust me!
    x krystie

  5. Ha ha I think pinterest is good, but I don't pin all the time like some people on it seem to do.. I've seen boards that have like millions of pins :)
    But give it a try, I think it's good because you don't have to save images or web addresses to your computer!

  6. I have almost 50 pins and my desktop and bookmarks bar are looking much better.

  7. Hi hi I promise I will post more photos of the ring soon! ♥


  8. I only just heard about pinterest not that long ago. It sounds kind of col, but I haven't tried it yet. I DO love we heart it, though!

  9. I love Pinterest! It's terrible but I've spending way too much time on it. It's quite addictive. I post anything that catches my eye and is pretty or inspirational in some way.

    Rambles with Reese

  10. p.s. pin away and have fun with it! That's what it's about!

  11. Yay!!!! Its addictive so watch out!!! :D


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