May 27, 2011

Wishful Thinking

While my house sits in disarray, I'm dreaming of beautiful, cozy spaces. Sometimes something as little as opening a window and letting in some light or rearranging your furniture is all you need to keep your home fresh. These spaces are my current inspirations...

{love these chevron floors}
{love the white against the rustic wood}
{these stairs are awesome}
{this is the mantel I've been looking for}
{a perfect space}
{I heart this table}
{loving this window seat}
{this headboard is amazing}
{fun idea for a kid's room...when we have one}
{awesome idea}
{this exposed brick is amazing}
{chalkboard pantry}
{love these wall tiles}
Before discovering pinerest, I've had most of these saved on my computer so unfortunately, I can't remember where a lot of them came from. However, I will definitely pin them now.

What are some of your favorite spaces?



  1. I like the kitchen and the first photo with the bookcase.

  2. That first one is how I picture my house after my kids all leave the nest and move out. *sigh* Me and my husband and my books. Love.

  3. i love white! im trying to find inspiration for sofa cushions to jazz up my crappy sofa!

  4. I dream of a home like those too! One day... The first and third is exactly the style I want in my future home :)

  5. i absolutely pine for any sort of loft style space where one level overlooks the other - like in that first picture. i imagine myself up there on a chaise lounge reading a book next to the window with the sun streaming in (and just to make my fantasy complete - i'll be eating mini-wheats as

  6. The first one is my favourite! Having my own library is one of my goals in life!

  7. lovely! i love fun spaces, with lots of colour! thanks for visiting and commenting (: xo

  8. this is making me want to redecorate--so pretty!

  9. this is so pretty...very girlie! looks like every woman dreaming having this kind of room! I love the all white design....

  10. Wow, what a lovely collection! I want one of each :)



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