July 22, 2011

i n s p i r e d . . .

...to nurture my inner...
p h o t o g r a p h e r
w r i t e r
a r t i s t
m u s i c i a n
v i x e n
c h i l d
 What inspires you?


  1. the fair photo makes me excited for my debut to the OC fair this weekend :)
    x krystie

  2. Awesome inspiration! I adore that Hemingway quote :)

  3. Great post!! I so wish Hemingway's quote applied to me!!

  4. I love the Ernest Hemingway quote. Not just the quote, but the way it's displayed. I have some old triplicate business forms that would be great for stuff like that. Thanks for inspiring me!

  5. Quotes inspire me! Love the Hemmingway one :) So do photos, long walks, music, and poetry.

    These are great inspiring images :)

  6. great mix, nice blog!

    www.casablock.com (one blog, three citys: buenos aires, paris, mexico)


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