August 21, 2011


The date has been set. We are officially going to New York for my 30th birthday! This has been my dream for years and I'm finally going but we need your help. We'll only be there for five days and I want to make them count. We need suggestions from people who know the city. 

NYC 1955 - via
I'm not the traditional touristy type so I plan on seeing the sites quickly (ie: Times Square = enough time to snap a photo and then move on). I'd rather spend my time at a good restaurant, sifting through an antique shop or snapping photos in a park. 

Here's the list of possibilities we have so far. Please feel free to add on/ cross off/ scrutinize/ murder it with your recommendations.

*Ino Cafe & Wine Bar - Must try the truffled egg toast.
*Flea market - I've heard there are a few good ones. Any recommendations?
*Ground Zero - Of course
*The Statue of Liberty - From afar... not up close.
*Central Park - Definitely
*Times Square
*A Yankee game
*Chrysler Building
*Grand Central Terminal - Absolutely
*Ride the subway - Even more absolutely
*Waldorf-Astoria Hotel
*Broadway - I've heard we should see the South Park show.
*Washington Square Park
*Greenwich Village
*Fifth & Madison Avenues - Maybe The Apple Store on Fifth Ave?

Yes, I know this is an ambitious list but I'm a very indecisive person and like options. 



  1. Very ambitious. Good luck!
    I went to NYC in 2009 so will see if i can help you;

    *The Statue of Liberty- can be viewed from a ferry [if you have time] which if i remember correctly is free if not view from mainland is good too
    *Central Park - is very big [and you can get lost quite easily] so my advice is to get a map & pick a few different places you'd really like to go like the John Lennon memorial, Bethesda Fountain &the boat house
    *Times Square- a must
    *Empire State Building- pretty good but if you want to go for the sunset make sure you go with plenty of time to spare.
    One you didn't list- Rockefeller centre. Kinda like Empire State but in my opinion better as it has around 3 viewing levels with clear perplex/glass stuff for clear photos and is general easier, from what i remember, to get to the top of.
    *The Subway - probably good in winter but worse in summer, hot like hell
    *Fifth & Madison Avenues - shopping on 5th & Madison= must :)

    Have an incredible time!

  2. Love your list! I think you will have an amazing time! I heard it's wicked hard to get tickets for the Book of Mormon, so start early. Worst comes to worse you can go to the 1/2 price ticket office the day you want to a show and try your luck at getting into something that way. xo

  3. WOW! Thank you, Bethanymarie! That's super helpful! :)

    ♥ sécia

  4. Thanks, Katie! I've heard that show sells out quickly. Thanks for the 1/2 price tip! Hopefully we get lucky. :)

    ♥ sécia

  5. Check out these hip restaurants!

  6. I agree with Bethanymarie, the subway can get super hot in the summer and it's really uncomfortable. But I love New York :)

    I suggest going to Clinton Street Bakery for some pancakes or seeing Mamma Mia! if you want classic Broadway. Also, I LOVED Madame Tussads, and Greenwich Village was awesome too.

    Have fun!

  7. I'm not a new yorker, but i did spend 5 weeks there for my honeymoon and another 4 weeks last november. it was magical.

    I think you should not pass up a visit to The Waldorf Astoria- it's historical and such an elegant part of NYC. We stayed there for the honeymoon and I felt so royal. Please go and take lots of photos!

  8. oh! and as for food, try BabyCakes and for a bookstore try the Book Marc store!

  9. Thank you, Ladies!!! Your suggestions are making me even more excited to go! We're going in October so it shouldn't be too hot and I've heard that Autumn is amazing there! :)

    ♥ sécia

  10. i have a few out of the way spots, if you are interested (yes, they are all in my neighborhood. no, i don't get out much:)
    i agree with diana about babycakes. it is seriously amazing. also, if you can find it, the wafels and dinges truck. i get the belgium waffle with nutella and strawberries but there are some much more adventurous options! and another, if you like burgers, whitman's. i actually blog about it on a semi regular basis.
    here are two posts with pictures of the food. you are going to die. (if of course you like burgers!)

    oh! i also recommend westville.

    hope some of this helps! have fun planning your adventure!

  11. WOW. Thank you, Sarah! Those burgers and fries look amazing and waffles just happen to be my favorite food. :)

    ♥ sécia

  12. soooooooo jealous!!! i really really want to get over there. Kevin just got back from a 'work' trip and had the time of his life. He loved it, they got to visit underground archives in vintage shops- how cool. I will ask him for recommendations
    x krystie

  13. I lived in New York for two years, and it is my favourite city in the world! I lived in Soho so most of my suggestions are going to be around that area, and fairly food oriented!

    * Hit up Magnolia Bakery for a cupcake (or two), the best one is the original Bleecker St bakery
    * Mary's Fish Camp in Greenwich - delish!
    * Take a walk (or rent a bike) over the Brooklyn Bridge
    * Stroll the High Line, and, related, take a walk along the Hudson - Battery Park is nice but we used to join it at Canal St, then walk all the way uptown for hours, beautiful flowers, wharves, places to rent kayaks, just a lovely atmosphere
    * For a locals-only place, try Gitane around Nolita. Amazing baked eggs, and a really wonderful take on mac & cheese
    * Balthazar is a classic NYC place to eat, but if you want to avoid the tourists, try Lucky Strike, owned by the same people. Brilliant steak au poivre (and a bit of celebrity spotting, too)
    * On the weekends, the market stalls on Spring and Prince Sts in Soho are pretty good. Little flea markets also spring up around that area on weekends. Plenty of vintage & thrift stores around there too, plus some amazing fashion of course!
    * My friends and I used to brunch at Freeman's in Nolita, very S&TC
    * A cheesy touristy thing that is SO fun is renting the row boats on the lake in Central Park. Very cheap too
    * The museums are so worth it. Especially the Museum of Natural History, MoMA, the Guggenheim... The museum of moving arts (I think that's what it's called, film & tv oriented) does fun things, like you can make a flip-book of you cartwheeling (or whatever)
    * It's always an experience to go see a big Broadway show, but there are so many good off-Broadway ones too, there's always something going on
    * Go to some of the really old gig spots, like The Bitter End in NoHo, for live music
    * Nearby that last, hit up Arturo's for New York pizza, cheap red wine, and live jazz
    * Oh, speakeasies! Hit up PDT, it's behind a hole-in-the-wall hotdog place called Griff Dog (you sneak in through a phone booth in the hot dog shop); there's also Back Room in the LES which serves drinks out of tea cups and has an honest-to-god revolving bookcase to the VIP room; plus go to La Esquina on Kenmare Street (also known as corner store). There's an amazing taco stand, a restaurant, and if you cut through the diner and head down the stairs and through the back kitchen (phew!) you will suddenly come across a bar

    Oh I could go on and on, as you can clearly tell. I have 100 more great places to eat south of the 30s, so let me know if you want tips.

    And in the meantime, have an absolutely amazing birthday!!

  14. Naomi! That is seriously the best list EVER! Loving the weekend recommendations and the speakeasies sound amazing! Thank you, thank you, thank you for this fantastic list.

    ♥ sécia

  15. I'm not from NYC but I visited my brother a few times when he was living there. Definitely an awesome city. I'd also recommend to at least see an off-Broadway show. They are cheaper and just as good!

    And there a lot of places near the water that you can see the Statue of Liberty. My brother wouldn't take me out there when I was visiting b/c he said it's a lot cheaper (free really. ha), quicker and just as cool to see it from a distance.

    And going to some not so touristy restaurants like the ones Naomi had recommend is a good idea. I felt like I was getting to see the real NYC when he took me to some.


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