August 22, 2011

HIATUS status

Well, it's the hiatus halfway point and here's the status...

*nurture my inner photographer {using my two new cameras and dusting off the old one} UPDATE: also found an old polaroid spectra in my collection the other day and it totally works!

*organize all of the closets in the house

*submit a photograph to burning house {have to take one first}

*insert creative writing back into my daily life

*learn how to create latte art

*go on at least one picnic

*try new recipes

*redecorate the office

*re-vamp my mom's etsy shop

*make a trip to seattle to visit my goddaughter and her mama - on my way today!

*execute new blog ideas {they're going to be totally awesome}

*visit the tim burton exhibit at the los angeles art museum

*make a trip to the oc county fair - we had every intention of going and then came to find that the fair only went until august 14th. We realized this on august 14th. the LA county fair begins in september so we can redeem ourselves then.

*start planning my birthday trip to new york - still need recommendations!

also added…

*start jogging everyday
*begin organizing stuff for garage sale

Hope your summer has been magical. What have you crossed off of your list?



  1. please make sure you see that tim burton exhibit! i kept saying gonna, gonna, gonna when it was here in toronto but i never did and now i kick myself. let me experience it vicariously through you?


  2. It's exciting to find a polaroid camera that works. I love the look of the rainbows. I have three Polaroids but still no rainbow.
    I love Burning House!!! You should definitely submit a photo. Very cool. Keep us posted if you do.
    I tried to do a lot of creative writing this summer. Working it into a daily routine has yet to happen, however.

  3. Does your polaroid have film in it? Not sure if its the same where you are but polaroid film has become less common & more expensive :(

  4. Oh, I hope you get to see the Burton exhibit. It's on my list too but I have to make the 6 hour drive down from my home.

  5. Ha I love all the writing on that photo! Sooo cute.

  6. Thankyouverymuch. I just wasted like 20 minutes at Burning house. Rude.



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