September 18, 2011

restoration HARDWARE

The other day I received the 615 page, FALL 2011 Source Book from Restoration Hardware in the mail. I can describe it in two words . . . vintage bliss
I want to curl up with a good book and a glass of something sweet in every room. I'm especially in love with their reproduction pieces ranging from a 19th Century French Baroque Chandelier to World War II Celestial Binoculars. Even their 20th Century Factory Shade Lamps complete with filament bulbs in all shapes, sizes and degrees of loops are fantastic. The best part? A new store, I mean Gallerythe first of its kind, has just opened in Los Angeles.
See you there.



  1. Hey, stopping by from FTLOB :)

    I'd never heard of Restoration Hardware but I definitely see what you mean about wanting to curl up in every room!

  2. I got the same catalog. It's huge! Before I got my couch, we visited the store at South Coast to look at the other couches. Great stuff!


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