September 19, 2011

URBAN decor

Now that we've cleared out the reading room, it's time to decorate and I can't get over Urban Outfitters' apartment decor. Lots of must haves at affordable prices. I'm particularly drooling over that sofa. It's a convertible sleeper too.
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  1. Queria o sofá (1) e a mesa em pé palito(7). Lindo demais!!!! Bjs Lola

  2. I *just* bought a sofa like this, the Natalie sofa at Macy's. I think the UO couch is good for a starter.

  3. ahhhhh I love all of these things. especially the mirror. I feel like UO needs to be even MORE affordable though :( some of their things are pricey. Can't wait to see what you do with the room!
    x krystie

  4. Wow...please tell me that sofa is less than $1,000! I am off to check it out now!

  5. I want everything in that little collage!! <3


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