September 30, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up

Want to hear a great idea? Pinkberry for lunch...

This week flew by and I'm very much looking forward to a couple of relaxing days with my honey and our pup and... a trip to the Tim Burton Exhibit at the LA art museum.


* Totally feeling this very personal post from the veda house.
* Not sure if you want kids? Go here... you'll definitely want to dress one.
* I knew I loved mustaches for more than just their aesthetics.
* Totally forgot how funny david thorne is... Thanks, honey.
* Why I must have a vintage caravan in my life.
HELP Janee find her long lost print!

I sent a little message of encouragement to the lovely Katie of Hazel & Mare when her brain was "mush" and she didn't feel like writing her daily haiku. It was the first haiku I've ever written... I think.
Your brain is all mush
Just in time for halloween
Zombies can eat it

And remember when I did this to the husband the other day? Well, he did this to me yesterday...
Also, I love Marcel...

Enjoy your weekend!



  1. oh you have such a cute blog darling :)) I especially adore this post, well done and really unique :))

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  2. love this post girl! and the walleye thing cracked me up

  3. marcel is my favortie!!!!! doesnt it make you crack up every time?!

  4. HAHA I love the Walleye. And Marcell. :D


  5. aaah i worship marcel the shell! :) x

  6. Have Fun, saw Tim Burton when it was at the moma NY! thanks for love links~

  7. katie has always been a ray of sunshine in my day if my life is full of thunderclouds. how sweet of you to pay the love forward! you are both such awesome ladies.


  8. Hahah, I love Marcel, I've been showing people that video for a LOOOONG time now. So glad you like it too!


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