December 01, 2011

I ♥ NY

I'm back (if only for a short while) and ready to share a few photos from our trip to New York! It feels like it was forever ago that we visited this amazing city and I'm so ready to go back. More to come including details about our many adventures.

{the simple moments}
{found the waffle truck}
{felt like i was in a movie}
{or a musical?}
{i heart munchkins}
{and central park}
{the most peaceful moment of my entire life}
{and the most beautiful building i've ever seen}
{totally spending at least one night at the waldorf next time}
{ground zero was humbling}
{and the apple store memorial to steve jobs}
{ben was in heaven here}
{and for some reason i found this very amusing}
{washington square park}
{and the best truffled egg toast on the planet}
{soho is one of my new favorite places}
{we grabbed a couple of cookies...}
{...on our way to the chelsea hotel}
{but i think shopsins was the highlight of the trip}


  1. wow, looks like a fin trip! I'm hoping to go to New York this winter, fingers crossed!


  2. Great pictures! You really captured the spirit of the city.

  3. Wonderful pictures! They make me want to visit NY right away! Love that city! xxx

  4. Aaargh I really want to go to NY now!! :) I've been once when I was 14 but never since, and I'm dying to go as an adult! Even more now after seeing your fantastic photos, the ground zero one is very beautiful and that huge cookie looks sooo good!

  5. Looks like you had an amazing time! It makes me miss living in New York so much!

  6. looks like you had a wonderful trip! NYC at christmastime is on my bucketlist. i want that pizza.

  7. wow you certainly had a good time by the looks!
    I can't wait to get over to NY one day. That pizza alone would make me go.
    x krystie

  8. I really want to go - never been and I feel I'm missing out! One day I hope.

  9. you were in my city! and your photos capture it so romantically, like out of the film Amelie. :) Thanks for sharing. xo

  10. Lovely pcictures! And it looks like you had an amazing time! I really want to go to NYC, hopefully this will happen in 2012 :)

    Have a nice Sunday! //Niina

  11. Amazing shots! my fave has to be of the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! Miss Walker xx

  12. Looks like you guys had a blast!! The egg truffle toast thing looks AWESOME

  13. I LOVE that shot of radio city! Such an awesome place….love your blow btw! New follower :)


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