January 31, 2012

santa monica {to} malibu

Last week Ben and I spent the day driving up the PCH from Santa Monica to Malibu stopping to take photos with my favorite polaroid camera along the way. Ben was too sweet pulling over abruptly whenever I saw the "perfect" shot. He even received a lovely parking ticket while in the car waiting for me... oops. But the highlight was totally spending time walking along the beach together.
 How can you not love this guy?


  1. Jealous of your beachy weather! It's warm here today, but I'm certain we'll be back to snowstorms and ice by the end of the week :(

  2. This make me want to go to the beach! It's a gorgeous day where I live in Seattle today...but I will wish I was in California today on a beach like that :)

    Courtney Lane

  3. ugghh, i want spring and summer here so badly! it is 40 today which is really warm, but it has still gotten in the teens lately! i miss the warmth!

  4. Beautiful. I'd kill to be there right now. xo, rv


  5. Considering it's minus 2 here at the moment in Wales, I am sick with jealousy. :(

    However your photographs are beautiful. Really, great job. :)




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