January 27, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up

Those of us in Los Angeles witnessed an amazing sunset this week.

Things that I tackled on the list:
*redecorating the reading room {still a work in progress}
*hung some artwork

* Matt takes Katie out to lunch in this absolutely beautiful video.
* Loving the way Anna's displaying her Project Life photos.
The Veda House introduced me to BLOGMILK. How did I ever survive before this?
* Found this awesome closet clean-out idea via loveelycia.
* Absolutely loving Barbara's vintage family photos.
* The lovely lenorenevermore shared this very cool approach to food styling & photography.
* And The Beauty Dept. has great tips on how to feed your face.

And... We finally watched Blue Valentine awhile back (why did I wait so long?!) and it was amazing. I stumbled across this funny video while attempting to find my favorite scene from the film. Hilarious.

Have a lovely weekend!



  1. Oh Blue Valentine ruined my life.. I just am not strong enough for that movie.

    But I love Ryan. So much.

  2. That's a riot on the closet clean-out. That's exactly what I started doing Jan 1 !!! So funny, and I think it's going to work!!

  3. Glorious sunset~oh those colors!
    The best time to take photo is 1 hr after sunrise & before sunset indeed.
    p.s. Thank you sécia! luv you long time!!

  4. Gah! Like I needed another reason to love Mr. Gosling!

  5. Blue Valentine is just that, the title.. for me I loved the acting and directors always make love end on a gracious note.. the movie to me was sad and I didn't enjoy it. I love Mr Ryan though but who doesn't :)
    -Hey Aster Blog

  6. eeeeee gosling ^_^


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