February 09, 2012

Retro Love

How cool are these Smeg Retro Fridges from Appliances Online?! Vintage and candy colors go hand in hand and these pretty, little fridges are no exception. I wouldn't even know how to pick a color but I think that mint green one might be my favorite. 
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They're totally functional with plenty of storage, especially if you're a fresh-food kinda family like we are. I'm loving that they even come complete with a wine rack inside. Swoon.

Which one is your favorite?



  1. I LOVE these!! You know I've been looking for something to replace my 1934 Montgomery Wards one that stopped working 4 years ago. The mint green one matches the Kitchen Aid mixer I bought you, so that would definitely be for you!! Love, love, love these!

  2. I've seen these before and want one sooo badly. my husband doesn't think mint is a very manly color, though. That's my favorite!

  3. oh, I've seen them and they're so cute! I've been drooling over one with the union jack in the from... oh my! :)

  4. I know they are amazing! They had one at a studio where I used to work, but not in these awesome candy colours. I love the green as well but can't choose between that one and the pink :)

  5. I LOVE the blue minty one. I would love to transform my kitchen into a retro one. I LOVE that style.

  6. how cool!! I love them =) the green mint one is awesome

  7. These soft colors are GREAT!

    Lovely blog!

    ♥ Franka


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