February 05, 2012

{{time for tea}}

I've fallen in love with the idea of a completely eclectic teacup and saucer collection. The more ornate, flowery and unique the better. Then I could have a sweet tea party and invite all the lovelies in my life. Aren't these photos inspiring?
I've found a few shops to get me started here, here and here. What's your favorite?

*click images for source.


  1. Yes! These photos makes me want lovely tea cups as well!

  2. Ive loved the idea of mismatched dining sets ever since my aunt had pretty floral plates hanging in her kitchen when i was little,
    My fave has to be the first link, but for a truly random collection id recommend tkmaxx as they always have random cups on their own that you could use


  3. Amazing photos! I am obsessed with tea cups and mugs! I wish I could have all of this! I just don't know where I would put it all =p

  4. tea is such a part of the culture here in south africa and i love it. was never much of a tea drinker before but it's so, so lovely when you walk into somebody's home and they offer you tea right away.

    1. I'd love for people to always offer me tea. That would be lovely.

      ♥ sécia

  5. They are all lovely. How can you select just one?

  6. There is something magical about tea out of a fancy cup. You've got me wanting to go thrifting to track some of these down. Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. The photos are amazing. I love the idea. I love mugs so much and I've collected for so long that it's gotten silly! I would love this idea-devote a cabinet all to tea cups and saucers. Swoon.

  8. I love those!! I wish i have tea party in fancy cups, wearing pretty dresses with lovely friends every day :)

  9. i have been obsessed w/ mugs for a while now and have a pretty great collection so far. my faves are my anthro ones. they aren't nearly as dainty as these pretty tea cups. but they make me feel fancy.


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