February 03, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up

Hello, February! Isn't it funny that people who go to Starbucks all the time don't refer to their beverages by their actual name (ie: Chai, Mocha, etc.) but instead just call them "Starbucks"? I've always found that amusing.

This week went by super fast. We went to the movies a couple of times, won third place ($10 bar tab) on trivia night and got a new couch (pictures coming soon; probably in this weekend's edition of weekend in pictures). I have a busy weekend ahead but will hopefully get a chance to tackle more of my to-do list.

SF Girl By Bay reminds us that Modernism Week is about to begin in Palm Springs!
* Joan feeds my floor plan obsession with a peak at hers.
* Totally in love with this chalkboard door.
Amy motivates us to love ourselves.
* Another breathtaking piece of eye poetry from the lovely Irene.
* A very touching post about the good and the not so good moments that make us who we are.
* Some very inspiring inspiration notebooks.
* A photo of our visit to the Best Friends Animal Shelter opening made it on their site!

I think I need to stay at this hotel in Palm Springs solely for this video. I wish I knew where they run off to at the end...

I'd also like to say hello to all you new readers out there! Thank you for making my blog a part of your day. Enjoy your weekend! What are your plans?



  1. Oh yes pretty please...
    would love to be at the Parker one day!

  2. hahahaha re the starbucks comment :) have a great weekend too !

  3. Yes on the starbucks! Never thought of that before! :)


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