February 17, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up

Oh, what a week! Mine was filled with afternoons at the movies, nights alone with my thoughts, card games with friends and fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies. Not sure what lies ahead this weekend but I'm looking forward to sharing my time off with my two favorite boys.

Bloglove (lots to share this week):
* I have a new love for pink depression glass.
* This little video advertisement for balloons is super cute.
* Ben and I plan to purchase our very own my roots lie here print shared by Down and Out Chic.
* Go bold or go home (think I can convince Ben that a little hot pink in the living room might be awesome?).
* This is glamorous takes us away to barcelona, spain
Dear Photograph, a new favorite found via hellovanny.
* Can't resist Becky's bloody valentine cupcakes.
* Um... wow... who would have thought that painting a couch could look so amazing?

And in honor of Valentine's Day here's one of the sweetest love montages I've ever seen. Thank you, Lisa for reminding me of how much I love this. WARNING: You will almost definitely cry while watching this.

Have an amazing weekend and remember, Valentine's Day isn't really over so if you weren't able to celebrate with your special someone, take a moment to do a little something together this weekend. The added bonus: the service in restaurants will be better than they were on the 14th, if you're in LA the traffic will absolutely be more bearable and not having to wake up early for work the next day is a nice excuse for a little more... ahem... lovemaking?



  1. How was The Artist? I've heard it's good! Also, I want to steal that slice of pizza! YUM

  2. haha i don't live in la but here there are also traffic jams after holidays so i totally get your excuse for waking up late on the 15th ;)


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