February 24, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up

In preparation for Lent, this week is the last we will see of sushi, shopping and many other little vices we love so dearly. Ben and I even bought a juicer yesterday. Come Monday morning, it's detox time. I'm partially excited and partially terrified. We have a true talent for motivating one another so I see good things to come on the juicing front. I'm sure I'll be sharing some recipes with you soon! But for now...

Tokyo is calling our names thanks to Lenorenevermore.
* Kate is having a girl and I can't help but be just a little bit jealous.
Morning Light in my Room is a new favorite.
* Old Brand New makes me miss New York to pieces.
* Best DIY ever by the inspiring Amy.

And a little pre-taste of the Oscars this Sunday...

I am so excited that Billy Crystal is going to host them again. I've always thought he was the best Academy Awards host ever. The champagne will be flowing at our house on Sunday that's for sure. Tomorrow we head back to Palm Springs for some more Modernism Week love.  Hope you have an amazing weekend!



  1. Good luck on lent..
    were either of the movies any good..?
    We bought a juicer last year and love it.. life changing.. though I have put it away for the winter to make room for soup.. it'll be coming out again in a few months.

    1. The movies were great! War Horse was especially good. :)

      ♥ sécia

  2. I have already failed two of my Lenten promises. Back on track tomorrow! Good luck.


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