March 07, 2012

Fashionably Raw Oysters via Wabi Sabi

I spent the other day hand-modeling for my good friend, Crystal, from Wabi Sabi. It was a slimy, good time and she is an amazing photographer and super fun to shoot with. Check out more photos from the shoot here. Oh, and there's much more to come (there weren't just oysters at this messy shoot).

P.S. We also have a cool collaboration with a yummy dessert coming soon.


  1. Woah I love it! Great shot. Grimey, pretty, goodness!

    x krystie

    PS I just got your comment about Ben working on Wipeout- thats freakin awesome. The girl I met was wonderwoman on last weeks episode ;)

  2. Eek! This is totally wonderful... We eat a lot of oysters here in Maine, they've never looked so glamorous. Love finding new blogs too! Stumbled across your today and so glad I did...


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