March 22, 2012

~Kate Checks In~

Just before the world-famous Hotel Ritz in Paris closed its doors for an unprecedented two-year renovation, Kate Moss checked in one last time for an amazing photo shoot with Tim Walker for Vogue. Guests recall their fondest memories of the beloved hotel, often the host to Paris fashion week. I've never been to the Ritz myself but these photos accompanied by the dreamy stories have definitely added it to my bucket list. One thing is for sure, you can't deny that this place is its own work of art with an equally intriguing history.


  1. I just bought this issue of Vogue yesterday to see this editorial and it's so gorgeous... wow. Just love all of it!! So glad to stumble upon your blog!! :D I hope we can be friends! I am your newest follower.


    love, polly

  2. Aww, that is the sweetest comment^^

    Anyways. I always adore Vogue shoots featuring Kate Moss. They always turn out fabulously stunning. A feast for the eyes. Maybe it's her iconic influence. Not to take anything away from Mr Walker.



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