March 17, 2012

:: On My Reading List ::

This time of year you will often find me with my nose in a book. There's just something about springtime that makes me want to lay outside and read to my heart's content. But alas, I have a confession to make... my bookshelf is full of purchased volumes whose bindings have yet to be broken. Therefore, I've made myself a promise to try as hard as I can to pull a novel off of my bookshelf instead of buying something new. With that said, here's my spring/summer (maybe into fall/winter) reading list...
I'm actually kind of embarrassed that I haven't read some of these yet! I have a habit of re-reading my favorite books over and over again instead of picking up something new. What's on your reading list?



  1. You are going to Love love love Invisible Monsters! So Juicy! Love it <3

  2. I just finished reading the hunger games trilogy which was very entertaining, so now I need a new book... Maybe I'll check out one from your list! :)

  3. love the new look and i just may have to steal your book list!

  4. *grin* I admit to not having read most of these either, despite them being on my bookshelf too... I remember reading 'American Psycho' when I was 19 years old and it certainly left an impression!

    What a great pledge. Perhaps I will join you on the book-buying-ban for a bit. I recently plucked 'The Great Gatsby' from the bookshelf (has only been there about 2 years, so that's not too embarrassing) and I'm really enjoying it. Then I think I'll try 'One Day' - my most recent purchase.


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