March 02, 2012

Vintage Caravan Love :: PART 1

As Modernism Week in Palm Springs came to a close, we took a day to tour restored, vintage caravans and were so inspired. It's amazing how truly unique each one was. We could really see the individual personalities of the people who put so much time and love into their restorations.
For the lighter traveler, the 1946 Curtis Wright was the oldest on the tour. I love that all wood interior!
This 1959 Airstream Globetrotter, lovingly named the "Welshly," was almost completely intact when this sweet family discovered it. All appliances were in working condition and the flooring, drapes and upholstery were the only items replaced. The story goes, they purchased it via Ebay one night while enjoying martinis. 

Fun fact: Each year Airstream made little adjustments to their new trailers which is why you never really see two alike. Super cute, right?
What? Bunk beds? Awesome. A fully restored 1960s Airstream Caravel with a more Scandinavian, minimalist design. This baby took five years to restore and toats around a family of four, the youngest sleeping in the top bunk. Totally jealous!
Isn't Ben the cutest? This 1959 Airstream Traveler was just a shell when it was reclaimed and restored. Look at how spacious it is!
And our very favorite! We so wanted to steal this one away and take it home with us. This 1964 Traveleze is the cutest with it's sea foam green stove and sweet wood paneling. We've already started looking for one of our own.

Hope you enjoyed our little taste of vintage travelers. Aren't you totally inspired to take one of these guys out for the weekend? There's more to come! PART 2 is just around the corner.



  1. Absolutely would love one of these!!! Darling, darling, darling!!!

  2. what's soo awesome :)
    It's so cute and vintage!
    I wish I could travel this weekend but unfortunately I have to study!


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