March 16, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up

Spring is starting to pop up around here and I can't get enough! My first week back to work was super busy but I actually really liked getting back into the grind. Looking forward to a weekend bike ride, perhaps a lazy afternoon sitting outside at the coffee shop, baking something sweet for my sweetie and if it's nice enough, hopefully some time laying in the sun.

* Erin & Stefanie show how to properly set your table with their sweet dishes.
* The cutest "sunshine" project ever from Hula Seventy.
* I so want to visit this little puppy shop!
* Wit & Delight shared a cozy new spring line from Bren.
* The yummiest-looking waffle concoctions ever!
* Joanna shares the most amazing letter from John Steinbeck regarding love.
Mayram is just too cute.

This trailer is both awesome and hilarious...

Have a great weekend!



  1. I cannot wait for that movie!!!

  2. Oh wow - I hadn't heard of this one. Insane!! Love it. It's like an historical Matrix crossed with Sleepy Hollow ... but with vampires.


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