March 18, 2016


Ok... so there's this gorgeous, super sweet and incredibly talented lady whose Instagram feed I am utterly in INSTA*LOVE with. Marissa Carlino :: @spooks333 has the most dreamy, fun and downright drool-worthy photographs! I'm SO excited to to feature her today in a Q&A along with some of her amazing work.
Where do you live?

I live in Delray Beach, Florida
cute little beach town with my cute little mutt terrier Eli- I'm originally from nj/ny went to school in Indiana and somehow made my way down here about 8 years ago!

What do you love/love to do? 

I'm kind of a big nerd I love trivia and watch jeopardy nearly every night- an infinite love for words especially words that sound exactly like what they are- example: quirky, which I would def describe myself as. 
Other hobbies include Roller skating, exploring new cultures, getting lost, music - huge record collection and of course taking photos! Oh, and I love mermaids and astronauts (astronautical as I call it) Because what is below and above us is so much larger and well knowing we are small is always a good thing!
What inspires you?

People, color, creativity .... New perspectives and executors bc we can all dream but people who execute whether they fail or succeed inspire me to the fullest.

What do you look for when taking a photo?

Colors, lines, people, the sky and for sure architecture and homes. oh my gosh the list goes on, but the energy of an environment would be the very short answer. 

What are your favorite apps and filters to edit with?

A color story, camera + and diptic but lately it's been more just upping the brightness lowering the saturation and upping the highlights - I've strayed away from unrealistic colors however appealing they may be to my eye I think the point is for us to see beauty in life exactly as it is :)
Who are your favorite fellow Instagrammers?

So, first and foremost you(she's so sweet!) This all goes with energy and the photos again so here is the short list:
Don't you just LOVE her?! Seriously, the best. If she didn't live all the way on the other side of the country I think we'd be besties and go rollerskating all the time and talk about vinyl and mermaids and astronauts over coffee (or milkshakes). If you want to feed your eyeballs lots of pretty candy, get your ass over to her Instagram feed @spooks333!

And a special THANK YOU to Marissa for taking the time for our Q&A. I think she may have just inspired a new INSTA*LOVE series on the blog!

F O L L O W   U S   O N   I N S T A G R A M   ::   @seciasophia

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