March 31, 2016

INSTA*LOVE :: MIMI BAILEY :: @mimibaileyny

Here we are with another INSTA*LOVE feature! Mimi Bailey :: @mimibaileyny is a true inspiration. Her optimism and sweet vibe made getting to know her a blessing and a pleasure. Her photos always make me smile and leave me wanting more and more.
Where do you live?

Born and raised in a small town in Tennessee

What do you love/love to do?

I love my 2 kids Cori and Cody. We are best friends. Always have been. I also have had a long standing love affair with NY and travel between Tenn and there often. Soho is my neighborhood. As huge as NY is it sometimes seems small when you're used to it. Seeing the same faces when you're out and knowing all the spots that you feel like no one else knows about. Over the last 2 yrs I have had many health issues, 2 back surgeries and now have plates and rods in my back. Also was diagnosed last June with an autoimmune disease that has left me with some sad days. I got my CPhT 11 yrs ago and worked in Pharmacy until I couldn't stand any longer on my own. Tho after the changes it hasnt slowed my love for NY I just travel differently and use a wheelchair for long excursions in the city. I also am a huge lover of any sort of mystery shows on television. As I got sicker is when I found instagram. Didn't really know much about social media but have learned over the yrs and just recently have been playing around with filters on some of my pics. And I love it. I have a samsung galaxy note 5 so I just use the editing/filtering thats included and play around with it till I think it looks good. No higher learning needed!

What inspires you?

My kids inspire me to be a better person. I look up to them a lot. I've found a lot of my best qualities have come from being their mom. I value their opinion. I was young when I had them so I'll always be grateful for that because it allowed me to grow up with them. I'm also inspired by genuine people. People that have very little but are so honest and humble draws me in. I think humble is a quality we all should aspire to. The biggest quality about myself that I hope I never lose is the ability to laugh. And laugh as loud and as often as I feel like.

Also inspiring to me is Loretta Lynn. And obviously my favorite movie would be Coal Miners Daughter. I try to see her in concert as much as I can.
What do you look for when taking a photo?

I basically just try and find things that I know I love and what I think my audience will love more. Obviously anything that has pink is a huge draw for me! I will never be too old for fun stuff. Like toys, stuffed animals, enamel pins I'm really loving and Lisa Frank! Pretty much anything 80s related. NY related pics are my favorites. A picture can be anything you want it to be I just always want to make sure when chosing one to post that its something that will cause the person to have to come back to it just more than once to really look at it.

What are your favorite apps and filters to edit with?

I don't have any apps for filtering. Yet!!!! Been thinking about it. But I just use my phones editing options and really like (pastel) or (vivid) and I like Instas (clarendon) and (hudson) filters. I mess around with the saturation and brightness and try and use the pink color option!

Who are your favorite fellow Instagrammers? 

Isn't she awesome! Seriously just love how much she admires and appreciates her family and how much that comes through in her photographs. And that PINK! To die for. Head over to @mimibaileyny and say hello!

And a special THANK YOU to Mimi for taking the time for our Q&A and for sharing her fun photos with us!

xo Sécia
F O L L O W   U S   O N   I N S T A G R A M   ::   @seciasophia


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