April 15, 2016

INSTA*LOVE :: KATE WOZNICK :: @mountainsofpapers

It's another INSTA*LOVE feature and the super cute and uber talented Kate Woznick :: @mountainsofpapers has the dreamiest Instagram feed! Her images have this crazy surreal vibe that I just can't get enough of. She was one of the first people I started following on Instagram and I've been in love with her ever since!
Where do you live?

I live on the Central Coast of California, most of my photos are from Cayucos, Morro Bay, Los Osos, Montana de Oro, San Luis Obispo, Pismo Beach, and Avila. 

What do you love/love to do?

I love exploring and traveling along the central coast. My boyfriend and I like to go on little photography expeditions up and down the coast (he occasionally appears on my feed). I'm also a huge film enthusiast! I'm at the movie theaters all the time, especially now that the local theater has reclining chairs. 
What inspires you?

I feel like a lot of different things inspire me! So specific, I know. I'm often inspired by bright colors, happy moments, and just the beauty of the clouds in the sky. I'm a natural dreamer, so it's pretty easy to become inspired by the little things and just lose myself in a world of dreams. Although, I really like signs and buildings, if I see a cool one, I will make whoever is with me immediately stop the car, or stop walking, just so I can get the shot. 

What do you look for when taking a photo?

I love making the ordinary look dreamy, hence the bright colors I always use. I love looking for different palm trees and the little things that make each of the coastal towns I mentioned above unique. I also can't resist a cool building. I don't care if people laugh at me while I awkwardly balance on a fire hydrant to get a shot, I love buildings that much. Sometimes I just like to walk around and take photos of everything. You never know what you'll find on an afternoon stroll.
What are your favorite apps and filters to edit with?

I only use VSCO and Instagram's build in features to edit my photos. In order to get my colors and cool dream-like effects, I use the Q filters from VSCO. It kind of depends on the photo which one of the Q's I end up selecting, but my ultimate goal with my feed is to create a coastal inspired dream land. 

Who are your favorite fellow Instagrammers?

Well of course, you (she's so sweet!) I also love to follow @thebungalow22 @alisonrubke @rose_tinted_glasses @spooks333 @teber and @somewhereinabuja 
She's so much fun, right?! And those photos?! WOW! I love how she'll do anything to get the perfect shot even if it means annoying the people around her! (my husband can totally relate to that whenever I drag him along on my photo adventures) Visit her Instagram @mountainsofpapers for more colorful eye-candy.

A special thank you to Kate for taking the time for our Q&A and for donating the coolest photos to our INSTA*LOVE feature!

xo Sécia
F O L L O W   U S   O N   I N S T A G R A M   ::   @seciasophia


  1. Great photos. I really love the neon 8 and you can never get enough PALM TREES!


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