May 13, 2016

INSTA* LOVE :: STEPHANIE BRUCE :: @thebungalow22

It's that time again for another INSTA*LOVE Q&A and I am beyond excited to feature one of my very favorite Instagrammers! Stephanie Bruce :: @thebungalow22 has one of the coolest and prettiest feeds on Instagram and did I mention that she's a total cutie?! She's one of the first feeds I found when I officially "went public" and has been a total inspiration ever since.
Where do you live?

I live near the beach in Sydney, Australia.

What do you love/love to do.

I love to take photos! I also love colour, especially weird colour combinations that somehow work. I love pretty much all forms of design; fashion, interior, art, anything that is created by talented people and looks great or makes you think. Finally, I love to travel and explore, whether it be in my own backyard or across the globe.
What inspires you?

I am inspired by nature, particularly the beach, but all forms are great; mountains, forests, tropical plants, it’s all fabulous and amazing. Animals are incredible too, I love their eyes, they don’t have to speak to get an understanding of them. Artists and designers are also truly inspirational.

What do you look for when taking a photo?

I look for inspirational or fun subjects, such as beach paraphernalia, old fashioned candy or a funky looking plant. Then I look for the negative space around them, so that the subject can become the star of the frame. I also look for striking colour combinations, anything against a blue sky is a winner.  I am also fond of taking pictures of a group of things that fill the frame. One last favourite is to focus on an animal’s eyes so that they are staring straight into the lens. 
What are your favourite apps and filters to edit with?

I edit the photos I take using my DSLR camera in the Photos app on my iMac. I just normally play around with the light and colour. I also use the Instagram filters, favourites are Clarendon and Valencia.

Who are your favourite fellow Instagrammers?

I love so many Instagrammers, a few to mention are @mattcrump for starting the Candy Minimalism movement and being an awesome photographer, @designseeds for being a colour palette guru, @harperandharley for her fashion and beauty sense, @runnerkimhall for her fun posts and her soft use of colour and then a few that I just love for their aesthetic, @spooks333, @manu_gfry, @orangiepink, @ozgecenberci and @clangart.
Has anyone else noticed that some of the best Instagram feeds belong to Aussies?! Steph is definitely one of them! She's so sweet and her photos are crazy refreshing and make me want to drive to the beach and jump in the water like right now! I love her use of greens and pinks and I can totally spot one of her shots from a mile away because it has a cool, unique style with those pale colors. Hop over to @thebungalow22 and say hello. If you're not already following her you should be! 

Thanks so much for participating in our INSTA*LOVE Q&A, Steph!

xo Sécia

F O L L O W   U S   O N   I N S T A G R A M   ::   @seciasophia

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