May 27, 2016

INSTA*LOVE :: Joana :: @thejaneaugust

It's INSTA*LOVE time again and today we're featuring the lovely Joana :: @thejaneaugust. She's a true travel-girl and her feed makes me want to hide in her suitcase! Her images have great detail and she finds some of the coolest nooks and crannies to photograph.
My name is Joana. My brother's name is João and he basically named me after him when I was born.

Where do you live?

I live in Lisbon but have always dreamed of moving to Asia

What do you love/love to do?I love so many things... I like exploring new places, I'm obsessed with vintage things, I get this rush every time I see an old car on the streets! I love trying new things, I've recently started doing embroideries, but there's so much more I want to learn like sewing or typography.

At the moment I'm working as a Content Writer for a travel app; it's odd because sometimes I have to write about cities that I never been. I get inspiration from a lot of blogs and Instagram accounts :) On the other hand, I have my personal blog City Odes where I post my weekly adventures, mostly in Portugal but I will start adding other trips soon.

What inspires you?
A good book, talented artists and getting lost somewhere. I've been living in Lisbon for a year now and even if I've walked around the same place hundreds of times, I always notice something different about it!
What do you look for when taking a photo?
A nice detail, blue skies, colorful buildings and silhouettes. I really like to post something that captures an interesting moment of my day or even a recent trip.

What are your favorite apps and filters to edit with?

I tried using apps like Snapseed or Pixlr before, but I ended up uninstalling them and went back to the Instagram filters. Gingham and Stinson are my favorites to start with; I always play around with the Brightness, Contrast and Temperature (usually I push it to the left side to get a bit more blue on it).

Who are your favorite fellow Instagrammers?
With no particular order: @guillaumemiceli, @helloemilie, @inesfcn (one of my best friends), @cucinadigitale, @ghostzine, @erwnchow, @amazingtwins, @seciasophia (love the LA vibes!), @catdinis_, @randomactsofpastel, @sejkko, @mi_noir, @polywinter, @nathill, @_g3, @urbanpixxels, @bennydanny, @lopes_ines, @hey.luisa, @saracabido, @maggie.pi, @filipaespm, @j03g3_m, @lightbulbsun, @snowflakesfairy, @mimogine, @rpmiguel, @vio.lina, @cataryna_, @martavazpedro, @mosdefcuz (my favorite at the moment!), @instamooca, @cookiesncandies, @tiagojsgomes.
What are some other interesting facts about you?
I did an internship in Paris for 3 months at a film festival. Oddly enough, I don't have that many pictures taken in Lisbon! I've been to 21 countries including Portugal, visit cities like Beijing, Brazil and also did Route 66 with my parents. I'm travelling to Madrid and doing a small Poland tour in the summer. Hopefully I'll get the chance to write all about it on City Odes!
Isn't she awesome?! Wouldn't you love to just run around the world snapping photos and exploring and eating the food? And how awesome is an internship in Paris?! If you haven't already, check out her super cool feed :: @thejaneaugust and her blog :: City Odes. You'll definitely catch the travel bug when you visit!

A special thank you to Joana for participating in our INSTA*LOVE Q&A!

xo Sécia

F O L L O W   U S   O N   I N S T A G R A M   ::   @seciasophia

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