June 03, 2016

INSTA*LOVE :: Vincent Lee :: @ds9hse

I'm so excited to feature one of my very favorite Instagram dudes :: Vincent Lee :: @ds9hse  in our INSTA*LOVE series! He has one kick-ass feed full of bright pops of neon color, minimalist shapes and lines and super cool perspective manipulation.
Meet Vincent Lee (his Chinese name is 李志伟).

Where do you live?
Born on an island country in Southeast Asia called Singapore, I have been living in Oklahoma City (Oklahoma, USA) since 2000. I am a Singaporean and a permanent resident in the U.S, which led to some people calling me an Okieporean

What do you love/love to do?
With Oklahoma City being my home-base, I love to travel within the U.S. and Africa for work and play. Singapore beckons yearly as that's where my parents and brother are. And if I am in that part of the world, a visit to neighboring countries is a given. I enjoy running as well and therefore, exploring places in my Fivefinger shoe is a preferred mode of transportation and my Samsung Galaxy S5 a weapon (for photography) of choice. 

What inspires you?
Colors. God is my Art Director and I am a wannabe color-evangelist. I love the color palette He uses everywhere and I enjoy interpreting things through candy-colored lens.
What do you look for when taking a photo?
With my trusty Samsung GS5 (which I used more as a camera than a phone), many things stop me in my tracks. I enjoy looking at common things from a different perspective like the recent posts of avocado and straws. These are images with very little edits. Buildings with unique facet also catches my attention. I have an on-going "Colorize" series showcasing infrastructures found at two places I call home; Oklahoma City and SingaporeHere's how the series got started.

What are your favorite apps and filters to edit with?
I do most of my editing on Photoshop via a MacBook Pro and occasionally on Pixlr for simple edits via my phone. Adding a touch of surrealism to photos of common things is where I go a little "crazy" and have a little fun. 
Who are your favorite fellow Instagrammers?
My journey on Instagram started in 2012 but went dormant till 2013. Many more instagrammers have been added to my list of "Instamuse" but I would like to give a shout-out the some in the original group. Click here for the complete list of the original 18.
What does Instagram mean to you?
Being a creative professional in the marketing and print design industry, Instagram provides an added channel for creative expression. I have and continue to be inspired by many and wanted to inspire many others to have a little fun (even if some people don't understand your art).

Currently, I administer an account (Creative Minimalism), which showcases creative use of common objects to paint a minimalistic picture. 

I also have an alter-ego named Tot (Tot For The Day), which hopes to encourage fans to find joy in simple things. I call it Potato Head Theory.
Isn't he the coolest?! I love his "Colorize" series and how crazy bright his photos are. His answer to what inspires him is the best: "God is my Art Director and I am a wannabe color-evangelist." Right?! He's so fun and talented and his blog is pretty fabulous too. If you don't already follow him on Instagram :: @ds9hse you're betraying your eyeballs! His Peachy Bottoms photo kills me every time! Oh and Tot for the Day... laughing my face off right now (pun intended)!!!

A very heart-felt thank you to Vincent for taking the time for our INSTA*LOVE Q&A!

xo Sécia

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