November 08, 2016

DIY // Candy Cane Reindeer

YAY! IT'S CHRISTMAS TIME! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! I'M SOOO EXCITED! AHHHHH!!! Okay... Do you remember these??? As a kid, I remember how much I loved making these at Christmas time. It was like my favorite thing EVER! They're so easy too (even for the kiddos) and you can't help but smile the entire time. 
What You Need:
Candy canes
Pipe cleaners
Googly eyes
Pom poms
Tape (optional)

Literally everything can be found on Amazon or at Michaels. So easy already!

Start with the ANTLERS:
Then comes the FACE! (Tip: I like to tape the candy cane down to the table with the curve facing upward for this part. That way it's easier to attached the eyes and nose and to let them dry without falling over)
Now for the tough part... to Rudolph or not to Rudolph. It really comes down to personal preference but I'm a believer that there should at least be one in the bunch!
And there you have it! The cutest freaking holiday things on the planet! Use them as stocking stuffers, attach them to gifts, hang them on your Christmas tree or just throw them in a jar for a little snack to curb that sweet tooth when you're heading out the door to do all of that holiday shopping! Best time of year EVER! What are your favorite holiday DIYs?

xx Sécia

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